Italian Recipes

Panzanella with Tomato Vinaigrette

Panzanella is a centuries-old recipe that dates back to the Middle Ages. It’s the perfect combination of fresh, crisp summer vegetables, tangy vinegar, and herbaceous, grassy olive oil. It was so beloved that it was enshrined by the Florentine Renaissance painter Agnolo di Cosimo’s poem ” Il lode delle cipolle,” or “An ode to onions.”

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Carciofi alla Romana or Roman Artichokes

Spring is for artichokes One of the aspects of Italian cuisine which I truly love is seasonal eating. Yes, we live in a world where one can find whatever their heart desires at any time of year. However, in this country, there remains an emphasis on seasonality. When I think of summer, I think of

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Porchetta Spice Mix – How to use it the right way.

Porchetta is a traditional street food with an old history. It comes primarily from the central part of Italy. Every town here in Umbria has its secret recipe, and every recipe has its cult followers. Opinions are strong, and comparisons among partisans are sometimes harsh. There’s even a local festival here in Umbria called “Porchettiamo,”

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