Coffee and Olive Oil, a healthy concoction that will surprise your taste buds.

Ask any Italian what they think about adding some extra virgin olive oil to their espresso and you’ll get a long, uninterrupted, blank stare. Luckily other countries are more adventurous and playful with their food. In case you are unaware, extra virgin olive oil in coffee is all the rage right now, specially in the United States. It may sound strange at first, but believe me when I say that Topeca’s Moraiolo Cold Brew, meticulously crafted by Sam Miers, is nothing short of delicious. Our Monocultivar is infused into a cold foam with a rosemary saline tincture and a touch of pH herbalicious syrup made by another small business in Fayetteville, Pink House Alchemy. The emulsion is then poured over ice cold, delicious Topeca cold brew coffee.

We tried it and we were blown away! The Moraiolo Cold Brew’s got a rich, enveloping flavor, with herbaceous aromas and a clean, crisp bite. It will satisfy your palate and get you going. 

The Moraiolo Cold Brew is featured in the Topeca Coffee Roasters’s seasonal menu (see below) and is available at all three downtown locations in Tulsa: The Philcade Tower, Vast Bank, and the Hyatt Regency. Stop in and try it for yourself. We’d love to hear what you think about it.

How the coffee met the EVOO

There is another story inside this story. One which  we feel deeply connected with. When Olivando was created in 2020, we quickly realized we needed help with many aspects of our logistics. We didn’t know where to start and we went cross-eyed thinking about exporting, packaging, distribution, etc. So when Amanda returned home in 2021, she called up an old friend, Chip Gaberino, who along with his wife Margherita, founded Topeca Coffee Roasters

Not only did we feel a kinship with them in the sense that both of our companies began with family agriculture in countries outside of the US, but we also knew that Chip was be a great person to answer our questions (of which there were many). For one, Topeca runs a big agriculture/import/export/roastery/distribution operation, and we have seen their company into a household name. Additionally, Chip and Margherita have long been deeply ingrained in Tulsa’s economic growth and development through various initiatives that support visionary entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Working with Ian Picco, Topeca’s Director of Coffee, has been invaluable to Olivando as we learned the ropes of not only the export side of the business but also distribution, running an e-commerce business, and many other innumerable subjects. You see, when you start as small as we did, it’s REALLY hard to get going, and we honestly don’t know how we would have done this without the guidance and working relationship we are so fortunate to have with Topeca. Grazie mille (1,000 thanks) is not enough to fully express our gratitude for the entire team at Topeca.our


Cheers Topeca Coffee Roasters!

Above are Chip Gaberino with wife Margherita and partner Ian Picco, Director of Coffee, who celebrated their 21st birthday last week. Here they are in front of their new mammoth Loring S70 Peregrine roaster, which we saw in all its shiny new glory while in T-Town. 

If you would like to learn more about Topeca, check out their story and read more about how they are committed to purchasing fully traceable specialty grade coffees by reading their transparency report.

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