Porchetta Spice Mix – How to use it the right way.

Porchetta is a traditional street food with an old history. It comes primarily from the central part of Italy. Every town here in Umbria has its secret recipe, and every recipe has its cult followers. Opinions are strong, and comparisons among partisans are sometimes harsh. There’s even a local festival here in Umbria called “Porchettiamo,” which loosely translates to “we’re porchetta-ing!” You can read more about the deep rooted traditions here, where Porchettiamo was covered by the New York Times. But one aspect everybody agrees on: porchetta is never referred to as “roasted pork.” Yes, it’s technically a deboned pig, wrapped in the skin, tied with twine, and stuffed with spices and liver that slowly bakes to a crisp. It IS roasted. But at some point in the process, that hunk of pork takes a different route and becomes something else. It becomes porchetta. 

Actually, the change happens before the roasting process starts, mainly in the spices used. The mix itself bears no secret. It’s a combination of coriander, wild fennel, pepper, and rosemary. But how you use it, the method of application, the preparation, and the side ingredients are what make the difference. It’s a difference so inviting and delicious that you can apply it to more dishes than what you might think. You can porchettify not just pork but also fish, chicken, rabbit, and even bean soup. You just need to know a couple of tricks, and then you’re ready to go to town! If you like to barbecue, you HAVE to try this seasoning. It comes in our highly curated Umbria in a Box, which you can buy here.

But first, watch the video to learn how to use it and unleash all its potential. Buona Porchetta!

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