Build Your Own Holiday Gift Box

Build your own Olivando Holiday Gift Box. Select from our new bottle totes, bread baskets, ceramic oliera and the 2023 oilio nuovo! Pick and choose which products & how many of each.

Order before December 10th for guaranteed holiday delivery.

Flat rate express international shipping, so add as many items as you like with no additional cost.

This are specialty items and we cannot accept discount codes for them.


From: $30.00

Olio Nuovo - Originale EVOO 2023

The Originale - Olio Nuovo (New Oil) is the freshest EVOO possible, express shipped to you within the first two months from harvest day. While we cannot transport you to the actual frantoio here in Umbria, we can deliver Olivando fresh from the mill, within weeks of harvest and pressing.

$30.00 each

The Bottle - Etruscan Inspired Ceramic Oliera

We wanted to create a unique ceramic cruet for Olivando. A bottle that is as distinctive, organic, and artisanal as our extra virgin olive oil. To achieve this, we partnered with a local ceramicist from Deruta, a small medieval hilltop town in Umbria famous for its ceramic tradition, which dates back to the 12th century. Working hand in hand, we created an exclusive, limited-edition ceramic olive oil cruet

$69.00 each

Olivando Bread Basket - Washable Paper Bag

Designed just for us in Italy, inspired by glimmering green and silver olive leaves, Olivando Bread Baskets are made from durable, pliable, washable paper, a textile that looks and feels like leather but washes with ease.

$30.00 each

Olivando Bottle Tote

This bottle holder is custom made in Itay for Olivando. It's is made of 100% washable paper and the interior is lined to prevent stains. Light, stylish, and eco-friendly it's perfect for oil & vinegar or it fits two bottles of your favorite wine. Use it at the table or for a picnic.

$49.00 each

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