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Monocultivar 2021 Harvest. 100% Moraiolo Olives. The IPA of EVOO.


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Product Description

Monocultivar or monovarietal means that a single olive varietal was used in making the extra virgin olive oil. Our Monocultivar is made from 100% Moraiolo olives, considered among the most renowned monovarietals produced in Italy. Moraiolo is indigenous to central Italy, requires hilly terrain, and is best suited for mountain climates. It ripens to a black-violet color and tends to be high in polyphenols, which contributes to it’s spicy bitterness.

Tasting Notes

Palate: complex and intriguing, intense green fruity flavor with a fresh taste of grass, artichoke, and chicory.
Finish: spicy and peppery, with a clean bitterness.
Pairings: perfect for bruschetta, earthy legume soups, stewed or roasted game, blue fish. Try it on your T-bone, with rosemary and fresh ground pepper.
Harvested: 10/2021
Packaging: Each Bag-In-Box contains 3 Liters of delicious EVOO. The box is made of kraft, recycled paper. The aluminum bag protects your olive oil from light and oxidation, maintaining the organoleptic properties down to the last drop. Perfect for the serious at home chef.
Store in a cool, dark place.
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